Missing out on a lot of activities and events means missing out on life. And that happening due to an injury or pain in a body part only increases the suffering. Having ankle pain is one example. It is rather a common thing experienced by many people. Thus, giving it the name Common Ankle Pain. But it’s not that easy to live with. And sometimes it can be bad enough to make us feel almost disabled. Since, we are unable to use our feet and do the things we love, such as walking and going to a park. Like any other disease, no matter how common it is, ankle pain needs to be treated. But before treating anything, we have to get to know what the problem is.

What is Common Ankle Pain

Ankle pain means any type of pain in your ankles. And common, since, it can have several different reasons. But all leading to pain. Reasons like an injury or arthritis can lead to developing ankle pain. And this leads to severe discomfort and disability. As researched by scientists, the most common reason for ankle pain is a sprain. The reason behind more than 80% of ankle pain conditions. And it happens when a ligament gets torn down or overstretched. Mostly affects us while we walk and the time when we feel the most pain. 

But a sprain is not the only reason. There can be other, more severe reasons like arthritis. A condition that requires treatment and does not treat itself. So, if we are feeling pain in the ankle, it’s important to find out the reason behind the pain. And get our ankle diagnosed to find out what might be affecting it and which treatment would be the best.

Stem Cell Therapy for Ankle Pain

Regenerative medicine therapy is the latest advancement in the field of medical technology. Years of research and a lot of scientists joined together to find this miraculous treatment technology. That is using stem cells to treat hundreds of different diseases. Stem cells are regenerative cells that have the ability to repair damaged cells or tissues inside a body. And even the ability to take the shape and place of almost any cell inside a body. Coming from places such as the umbilical cord, these are donated by healthy mothers around the globe. And are used to insert inside an affected body part to treat it.

Regenerative medicine therapy can be used to treat ankle pain better than any traditional treatments available. This is done in a non-invasive way and is way less complicated than most traditional treatments. These cells have the ability to repair or replace any damaged cells or tissues. They can treat damaged ankles in an amazing way. They repair the damaged ligaments and end any inflammation or reason for inflammation inside the ankle. And repair it as good as it is supposed to be. No matter what the reason behind the pain is, a simple sprain or a complicated arthritis condition. Regenerative medicine therapy can work wonders and treat the ankle. So, it is undoubtedly a better treatment option for conditions like common ankle pain. 

5 Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Common Ankle Pain

style=”font-weight: 400;”>This therapy is more advanced, to the point, safe, and a more choosable option than most traditional treatments. It has miraculous regenerative abilities and treating qualities. And the following 5 benefits when chosen to treat common ankle pain.

  • Non-Invasive

Stem cell therapy is done in a non-invasive way. Unlike many other traditional treatments that require tearing down the body and treating the issues. Regenerative medicine therapy is done by injecting stem cells inside a body with precision. And the cells do the rest once enter the affected area. They start looking for and repairing dead cells and tissues inside the body. And do not require any external things such as an artificial body part or an electronic device to be entered inside a body. Making it purely non-invasive.

  • Less Costly/Complicated

Artificial body parts are very costly. And are not found easily. For the lucky ones that find the workable parts, the cost alone can shatter the dreams sometimes. And the complications that come with it are even worse. Stem cell therapy ends those complications and costs comparatively very less than most traditional treatments. It works wonders and treats the disease to its roots, desiring no other treatments. This cuts the cost and treats our problems better than other options. And is a very less complicated procedure to treat common ankle pain compared to traditional treatments. It is non-invasive and does not require any tearing down of the body. It is done by simply injecting the stem cells into the correct place. Giving it another edge over many traditional treatments.

  • Less/No Rejection

Probably one of the best things about regenerative therapy is that there is way less to no rejection from the body it’s being used to treat. They have the ability to take the shape and place of almost any type of cell inside a body. No matter the blood type or body type. Which makes rejections very rare in stem cell therapies. Almost to a point of no rejections at all. It can be used as a safe treatment option for common ankle problems with severe reasons, such as arthritis. And can be opted for instead of other complicated treatments.

  • No Recovery Time

Another amazing thing about stem cell therapies is that they are quick, non-invasive, and very less complicated. They do not require tearing down the body or inserting any artificial parts. Which makes the recovery time after regenerative therapy almost nothing compared to what we have to go through after traditional treatments. This means that one can be active almost immediately after getting stem cell therapy and does not require long, endless bed rests. Another good reason to choose stem cell therapy for treating ankle pain. So, that you’re not left disabled after the treatment even for some days.

  • No Medications Requirement

Stem cell therapy is one of a kind. It only requires precision, expertise, and good-quality cells. And no other precautions or medications are required after the treatment. Unlike traditional treatments which are followed by heavy medicines and painkillers. Regenerative therapy does not require any following medications at all and can work wonders on its own. That is why we can safely say that stem cell therapy is a more recommendable treatment option for ankle pain problems than complicated traditional treatments.

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work on Ankles?

The short answer is, yes. Stem cell therapy does work on ankles. Or any other body part for that matter. These are cells that have only one goal. Locate and repair dead cells inside a body. No matter whether these cells are in bone marrow, ankles, or knees. If there are dead cells causing damage, stem cell therapy can treat it. 

Finding a Reputed Clinic for Ankle Pain Treatment

As important as it is to find the right kind of treatment. The same is for finding the best place for getting the treatment. There can be many clinics offering stem cell therapy around you. And you really want to find the best one since although stem cell therapies are not complicated procedures, performing them requires immense expertise. And you want to make sure you’re getting the best type of cells donated by healthy donors getting inside your body. 

So, when deciding to get regenerative medicine therapy. Research the clinics that are offering it. And find out which one is the best. You can check for the following points as a measure to find the best;

  • Repute of the clinic.
  • Qualifications of its doctors.
  • Certification of its doctors.
  • Certification of its stem cells.
  • The type of stem cells it uses.
  • Online reviews of the clinic.
  • Patient reviews.
  • Amount of successful procedures they’ve performed.
  • The knowledge and qualifications of the clinical staff.

And any more factors that you deem worthy of researching.

Shifa Rejuvenation Clinic

Shifa Rejuvenation is one of the pioneers and best in the field of stem cell treatments. They provide stem cell treatments for various diseases, including common ankle pain. Under the experience of the doctors who are the best in their field.

Shifa Rejuvenation offers the best treatments for ankle problems. Hundreds of patients with various diseases have been treated at Shifa Rejuvenation Clinic with more and more coming every day. And getting the treatment that was not available earlier leads them to live a healthy and happy life.

So, if you or anyone you know has ankle problems and is deprived of living a healthy and happy life. Contact Shifa Clinic today and get a consultation with the best doctors in the field. Reach us by phone at (051) 889-6711 or email us at [email protected] and take a step towards a better life.

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