What is Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive replacement for surgical treatments. It used stem cells, which are regenerative cells having rejuvenation qualities. These cells have the ability to locate dead or damaged cells in a body. And repair or replace them. When inserted into a body part with problems using a syringe, stem cells start their work. They locate dead cells and tissues in the body part. That is responsible for the disease. And then start repairing them. Or at times, replace them. These cells have the ability to take shape and place of almost any cell inside the body. Which gives them their miraculous regeneration qualities.

Stem cell therapy is used to treat diseases inside a body that are mostly untreatable. Or require invasive, complicated surgeries to treat. This therapy is less complicated, less time-consuming, and less costly compared to traditional surgical treatments. And can treat diseases better than most surgical treatments. More and more people are going towards stem cell therapy as their choice for treating their body problems. And the results have been amazing. Which makes people trust these more and more. 

But as important as it is to choose a type of treatment for your body. The same is for choosing the right stem cell clinic to provide that treatment. In this article, we’ll be discussing 5 things to look for in order to find a well-reputed stem cell clinic in your area. These are discussed below in detail.

1. Stem Cell Therapy Clinic Characteristics

The first and most important part is to check the characteristics of the clinic providing the treatment in your area. These are;

a. Regulations

Before selecting a clinic to get your treatment, check if they are properly regulated. Check if the stem cells they are used are certified by the relevant drug regulatory authorities. Check if the clinic is certified, registered, and uses the right type of stem cells. Knowing all these factors is necessary to ensure you are choosing the right clinic for your treatment.

b. Doctors

Secondly, check the qualifications of the doctors that are providing the treatment inside the clinic. See if they are stem cell certified professionals and are registered with the regulatory authorities. Check for their certifications and when possible, get to know how they do the stem cell procedures. Compare their methods to other professionals in the field. And get a comparative image to choose the right doctors and the right clinic.

c. Trust

This means that we should check the number of trust patients has in the clinic and the doctors. Try getting to know other patients and their experiences. See the number of patients that are reaching out to this specific clinic for their treatments. And most importantly, the number of patients who are suggesting this clinic to other people they know. This will give you an overall image of trust in the eye of people for the specific clinic and its doctors.

d. Outcomes

Another important thing to check is the outcome of treatments previously performed by the clinic. Ask them to provide you with testimonials of other patients after they got their treatments. See how many of these patients are happy with their treatments. And got rid of their diseases after getting the treatment. This is one of the most important points since the outcome is everything you’re concerned with after getting therapy.

e. Empathy with Patients

Check how the staff and the doctors of the clinic treat their patients. Make sure that the doctors are empathetic towards the patients. And that patients feel safe and easy when surrounded by the medical staff. The more empathetic the staff is with patients, the more they care about getting their treatment done. And making them get rid of the diseases they’re having.

f. Professionalism

See the methods, behaviors, online presence, and way they handle different things. This will give you an image of how professional a certain clinic and its medical staff are. The more professional the people are that will be treating you, the more professional will the treatment be.

2. Tips for Choosing a Reputed Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Pakistan

When choosing a stem cell therapy clinic to get treatment for a disease. You will need some tips to find and choose the best clinic for yourself. 

Following are some tips to keep in mind while choosing a well-reputed clinic.

  • Choose the one with the best ratings both online and offline.
  • Check for the clinic certifications.
  • See where the stem cells they use come from.
  • Check for the regulations of those stem cells.
  • See how many patients they have treated.
  • Check how many more are in line.
  • Check their online presence to get an idea of their professionalism.
  • Check for the behavior of the clinical staff.
  • Check for the doctor’s certifications.
  • Ask about the methods of their procedures.
  • Compare them to other professional stem cell clinics worldwide.
  • Check their success stories.

3. Patient Success Stories and Clear Expectations

Another important thing to look for in a clinic before choosing it is the patient’s success stories. This will give you a clear image of the things to expect after getting your treatment. You can find out about the patient success stories on most clinics’ websites and social media through client testimonials. Or you can get in touch with the clients and ask them if they got their diseases treated. And how they feel after getting the treatments.

Try finding people who got the treatment for the same disease as you, and get to know how they’re doing now. This will give you a clear image of expectations with the treatment. And if the other patients have got their diseases treated by the clinic and are happy. So can you be? This is an important part of choosing the right, well-reputed clinic. And the better you research before choosing, the better your chances are of choosing the right one.

4. Questions to Ask to Find a Stem Cell Clinic You Can Trust

In order to find the right stem cell clinic. The one that is well-reputed and trustworthy. There are some questions you need to ask. Here are some questions you can ask to help you choose the right clinic. These are;

  1. What certifications do they have?
  2. What kind of stem cells do they use?
  3. Which drug regulatory authority regulates their stem cells?
  4. What is their method of treatment? 
  5. How many therapies have they performed?
  6. What is the success rate of those therapies?
  7. Who is the main doctor?
  8. What are the doctor’s certifications?
  9. What do their previous patients say about them?
  10. How long have they been performing therapies?

5. Check Their Ranking Online

Another fact check is checking for the clinic’s ranking online. There are websites where people rank different medical institutions. Also, some clinics have reviews available on their own websites. We need to check for those reviews. And see how they are globally or nationally ranked. How good or bad they are compared to their competitors. What makes them better than the others? 

These can simply be checked through Google or other ranking websites that you can find online. Find out how the clinic is ranked to give you a better idea about its professionalism. And once you find the right clinic and the right stem cell therapy. 

Shifa Rejuvenation Clinic in Pakistan

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Hundreds of patients with various diseases have been treated at Shifa Rejuvenation Clinic with more and more coming every day. And getting the treatment that was not available earlier leads them to live a healthy and happy life.

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