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We are committed to and striving for providing the ultimate and best possible treatment to all types of diseases and illnesses simultaneously at one place.

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About Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic

“Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic” is a resurgent healthcare center specialized in Stem Cell Therapy and PRP procedures. Regenerative procedures are specifically designed and highly effective treatments for manifold ailments such as chronic pains, infections, convulsion and muscular contractions, nervous strains, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cartilage defects, diabetes, kidney failures, sciatica, strokes etc. and numerous other illnesses. So, your worries and anxieties are no more going to exist because unique, effective, and the best remedies for your numerous physical and mental health concerns are available at our clinic. 

Our Mission

“Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic” is committed to and striving for providing the ultimate and best possible treatment to all types of diseases and illnesses simultaneously at one place to the people of Pakistan. 

Highly skilled, expert, and professional doctors and physicians are always available at the clinic to treat and help control every patient’s illnesses. They are committed to ensure that every patient must receive the best-fit and accurate treatment for any types of diseases and ailments in all circumstances.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision

At “Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic” we aim to make the clinic the best and strongly competitive platform in Pakistan for both the patients in getting treatments to every type of diseases free of any risks, as well as for the doctors, physicians, nurses, and paramedical staff for excelling in their medical careers.

Our Progressive Research in Stem Cell Therapy

Our scientists and researchers have discovered that Stem Cell Therapy is the best and unique way to treat many diseases. Stem Cell Therapy uses a body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate damaged or injured cells. Thus, it provides the safest and highly effective treatment to diseases without any risks of side-effects.

The topmost and the best thing to know about these solutions is that they will help you dealing with and curing common injuries as well as a variety of complex medical conditions.

Our Research

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Best medical decision I ever made! The stem cell procedure is quick, easy and has no recovery down time! Great alternative to surgery if that is an option.

What We Offer?


Regenerative medicine is a game-changing area of medicine with the potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs, offering a strong hope for people having complex medical conditions that are declared unreparable and incurable through conventional treatments.

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Progressively skilled, professional, and specialized doctors at the Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic are experts in multiple areas of medicine including rheumatology, endocrinology, neuropathy, orthopedic, podiatry, pulmonary/respiratory and urology, etc. 

Establishment and Facilitation

Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is a state-of-the-art Stem Cell and PRP healthcare center in Pakistan that is equipped and staffed with the best of the best medical and clinical facilities. It is established by a world renowned physician, certified by the department of health services, Medicare, AAAHC, and AAAASF.

Our Values

1. Research and Innovation:

What makes us a unique and surpassing healthcare facilitation platform is our progressive and continuous research in finding out the best ways humans can benefit from Umbilical Cord Stem Cells and Amniotic Stem Cells. Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is the first ever healthcare center in Pakistan bringing this unique and highly effective method for treating innumerable diseases.

2. Empathy

Our team of medical professionals and other staff always consider the patients as their own family members. The doctors, physicians, clinical, and non-clinical staff at Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic always feel and imagine the suffering of the patients. They serve their best to alleviate patients’ sorrows, pains, and concerns with an idealistic, friendly, and joyous environment.

3. Safety and Protection

One of the utmost and critical priorities of Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is to provide the people with ultimately safe and protective treatment. It is no wonder that due to varying medical conditions and physical attributes, many patients often face severe circumstances and side-effects with conventional treatment methods. Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is striving hard and has been successful in making possible highly safe, protective, and risk-free treatments for the patients. 

4. Quality

Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic never compromises on the quality of the medicines and treatment methods. Providing the best quality treatment and medicines to the patients after properly planned, purposeful, and careful study and research work is our emblem and hallmark.

5. Teamwork and Harmony

The success story of the Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is created through an idealistic, harmonious, and professional work environment at the hospital. Our medical, paramedical, and non-clinical staff are highly skilled, learned, mannered, and competent who have strong professional and cooperative bonding that help maintain an exemplary atmosphere at the hospital.

6. Professional Integrity

Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is an example of practicing ethical and moral principles, acquiescence towards sincerity and honesty, trustworthiness, respect for all, and the professional consciences of confidentiality. 

7. Compliance with National and International Laws

Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is a professional healthcare center that complies with all the national and international laws especially the regulations proposed and implemented by the United Nation and World Health Organization in the medical and healthcare sector.

What the patients can expect from us?

At Shifa Regeneration & Rejuvenation Clinic, patients’ effective and best possible treatment is our utmost priority. With excellent equipment and top of the line customer service, we strive to provide comfort and healthcare solutions to all of our patients.

Best medical decision I ever made! The stem cell procedure is quick, easy and has no recovery down time! Great alternative to surgery if that is an option.




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