Stem cell therapy for knees is a miraculous advancement in the medical field. It has made it possible to treat complicated body issues without the need to have surgery.

The regenerative properties of stem cells make it possible for these cells to rejuvenate and repair the dead cells in the human body. When injected into a specific problematic area, these cells start working right away to repair or replace dead batteries.

Stem cells can take the shape and properties of any type of cells in the human body. This makes it possible for these cells to work on almost every part of the human body.

The stem cell therapy for knees is one of the most used medical procedures since the stem cells introduced in the field. They can heal and treat our knees without needing surgery. It is a process as simple as injecting cells into the area of a problem using a special syringe.

How Long Does it Last?

Depending on your knees’ situation, stem cell therapy can last between 6 months to several years. In cases where the issue isn’t much complicated, this therapy can solve the problem from the root without needing to do it again.

While in severe cases, more than one therapy might be needed, each lasting between 6 months to several years. 

These therapies keep healing the problem to the point where you no longer exist and get your full health back.

How Successful is Stem Cell Therapy for Knees?

Many different studies and research have proved the stem cell therapy to be very promising. In the US alone, more than 90% of the people who go for stem cell therapy get their knees healed successfully over time.

The rich rejuvenation properties of stem cells make them thrive in the process of human body healing. Therefore, it has been proven to be very successful in healing and treating damaged or gravely injured knees.

Cost Of Stem Cell Therapy for Knees?

The cost of stem cell therapy for knees varies depending on the situation of the knee injury. But around $2000 per treatment for knee arthritis is about the average cost. 

The stem cell therapies are a relatively new procedure; therefore, not many insurance companies cover the expenses. Although some private insurance companies are not providing coverage as the awareness is growing. 

In some rare cases, some insurance companies cover stem cell therapy when it’s done along with another, established procedure. 

Can Stem Cells Regrow Knee Cartilage?

In cartilage tissues, the presence of stem cells wasn’t found. According to an estimate, there is little to no capacity to regrow new cartilage or heal it. The cartilage regrowth procedure is even slower for adults because of old age and lack of cells with regenerative properties.

However, scientists have been studying how to make this possible. They’ve conducted lab experiments that turned stem cells within a cell into cartilage-like tissues. This raised the possibility of using stem cells to repair or regenerate the cartilage present in the bones.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Better Than Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement is a complicated procedure and requires a lot of time to perform the surgery and then for the person to heal appropriately to stand again. It is a significant surgery, and the recovery time may even take months.

While on the other hand, stem cell therapy erases these complications. In the case of stem cell therapy, patients generally see a minimal reduction in mobility due to the procedure. Patients can walk within hours, and the process doesn’t take a lot of time.

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