Stem Cell Therapy is taking over the edge in medicine. These stem cells are taken from different resources. Amniotic fluid is a fluid of an unborn baby. This has been wasted while during operation or C- section. But, different researches are revealing this fluid as a valuable biological material. These stem cells are helpful in regeneration and cell therapy cases. 

These stem cells get from the planned cesarean deliveries. There is no additional injection needed for isolation. Furthermore, Stem cell isolation from bone marrow requires a lot of isolation processes. 


Is it real to contain Stem cells in Amniotic fluid or Cord? 

Is it real to contain Stem cells in Amniotic fluid or Cord

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Yes, it is real. When amniotic fluid, cord, and placenta tissues are in a normal healthy state, they contain thousands of live stem cells. They can be helpful in the treatment of several diseases. 

Amniotic membrane cells are driven with the consent of patients. This is done right after childbirth. When a woman gives birth to a child, these products are being collected. 

If the fluid gets dry freeze, no active stem cells are present. The struggle is real to get what advanced medicine is demanding. 


Are you a candidate?

You can ask such types of questions in any seminar or guide. Yet, any candidate who wants this therapy will be going up with a complete physical examination. The candidate should be graded with Best, Better, Good, or Poor. This criterion will be helpful to take an idea of your candidacy. 

Such examinations can be done with;

  1. X-Rays
  2. Regular check-up reports
  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  4. Operation reports if any
  5. Intake of other medicines 

This examination will be helpful in getting a complete idea about the candidacy. 


What is an expected Failure Rate?

Stem Cell Therapy depends on the nature of the candidate body. The acceptance and failure all depend upon the immune system of the human body. That’s the reason to get a proper physical examination before taking any such therapies. 


Who can perform this sensitive procedure?

The provider should have a verified license from the medical association. This is a complex and sensitive procedure while injecting it into other patients. The injection therapy is not itself difficult but it should be technical. The physician has to handle this with proper care. 


What equipment should be used during procedures?

Clinics should have imaging facilities while injecting such therapies. If it’s not like that it means they are doing this blindly. This will be helpful to get a user interface. This can target the proper location. 

Furthermore, a full surgical step is required to perform this procedure. This includes;

  1. Oxygen level
  2. Crash cart Bar
  3. Essential tools for emergency purpose


Future perspectives:

  1. These are helpful in studying molecular and biological level cellular processes.
  2. Using high-quality standards, comparable results can be obtained.
  3. The advanced medical community is heavily relying on such procedures. 

We can deal with the genetic level of stem cell therapy in the future. For more details on stem cell therapy you can call, email or visit Shifa Rejuvenation Clinic.