Cricket is one of the most famous sports played in the world. More than 2 billion people around the world watch sports and many countries are involved in sports. It is played on international, national, and local levels and is a sport that requires a lot of physical activity. Also known as the “Gentleman’s game”, cricket involves different types of activities. This includes running, diving, catching, hitting, and standing for a long time. And a sport with that many different types of activities includes a risk of getting different types of injuries. And for people that are professionally involved in the sport, it’s important to know the risk factors and prevention methods. And, that is why we’ve compiled this article.

What is a Cricket Injury?

A cricket injury is anything that prevents us from performing normally and regularly. It can happen due to a number of reasons such as a sudden change of direction or a physical blow. Or due to a wrong dive. The reason can be anything and the injury can be of any type. What’s important is preventing complications and knowing how to treat one. Because for professional cricketers, it is important.

Types of Cricket Injuries

There are different types of cricket injuries. Depending on the location and the cause of the injury. Some of these are;

Rotator Cuff Injury
The rotator cuff is made up of four joints. These are Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis, and Teres Minor. And a rotator cuff injury occurs when any of these four muscles is sprained or torn. This further leads to pain, and swelling and affects the range of motion.

Hamstring Strains
Hamstring strains are injuries that occur due to sudden changes of direction or quick runs. These can be mild to severe depending on the condition. Sometimes these can be treated with simple things like rest or ice compression. And sometimes require serious treatment depending on the severity.

Ankle Sprains
Ankle sprains are a common sports injury. These can occur due to sudden movements or quick changes in pace while running. These can also be mild or severe and the treatments depend on the severity. 

Abdominal Side Strains
A side strain happens when the side of the abdomens (obliques) are strained or torn. These happen mostly to bowlers. And affects the arm other than the bowling arms. And it can range in severity and the treatment depends on that.
These are injuries that are caused by an impact. In cricket, mostly due to a ball hit. It is painful and causes bruises and swelling in the area of impact. It ranges in severity based on the force of impact and the location. And the options for treatments also depend on that.

Throwers Elbow
As can be guessed by the name, a thrower’s elbow is an injury caused by repetitive throwing of the ball. It commonly occurs in bowlers but can also affect others during fielding. The symptom of the disease includes pain in the inside of the knee and the signs grow gradually.

Low Back Pain
The pain in the lower back or lumbar pain can occur due to direct blow or fatigue. It is grown gradually with continuous performance during batting and fielding, especially for fast bowlers.

Prevention of Common Cricket Injuries

Cricket injuries like any other injuries can also be prevented by some measures. Mostly lifestyle changes and healthy activities help prevent these injuries. And sometimes, aids are used to prevent these injuries. Following are some ways of prevention;


Exercising is an important lifestyle activity. It helps us keep our body in shape and strengthen it against injuries. Adding exercise to our daily routines can help our bodies against many bad things. And prevent different injuries from affecting us. Therefore, it is important and most top-level athletes are known to exercise a lot to keep in good shape.

Warming up

Warming up before any physical or sports activity is considered an important thing. It is an important part of the build and it is so because it prepares our body for the exhaustion that would be coming up. So, it is important to properly warm ourselves up before indulging in any sports activity.


Our body does a lot of work during sports. And owing to that work, it needs to be rested. So, it is important to give our bodies some rest to prevent them from being injury prone and strengthen them.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle plays a very big part in the prevention of injuries and diseases. Keeping a routine check, sleeping and waking up on time, yoga, meditation, and eating healthy foods can help our body build strength and prevent complications. And is therefore an important step in the prevention of injuries.

Using the Right Gear

It is important to wear the right gear while playing cricket. Gear like helmets, gloves, pads, and other safety gear that is commonly available at sports shops is important. And should be used to prevent serious injuries during cricket.

Treatments of Common Cricket Injuries

There can be different options for treatment for different types of injuries. Based on the severity of the injury, its location, and the type of injury. Some commonly known treatments that are widely used are;

The POLICE Technique

The POLICE Technique can be used to help manage the conditions, i.e. 

Protection: It means resting the injured area and slowly starting movements for the injury to not get irritated.

Optimum Loading: This refers to the slow starting of movements stated above. Your physician can suggest exercises to help the injury get better and treat itself.

Ice: This means applying ice on the injured area to decrease inflammation and manage the pain.

Compression: This means using Compression to decrease inflammation and manage the pain.

Elevation: Elevation means placing your leg or the injured area at an elevated place to regulate blood pressure. And aid in managing the injury.
The RICE Technique

The RICE technique is similar to the POLICE Technique. It abbreviates into;





There are medications like painkillers that can help manage the pain and control the situation. It is best to visit a doctor and see what type of medication might help with your injury. And if there is something that can help the injury treat itself.

Physical and Occupational therapies can help manage the pain and the injury. A physician will suggest focused exercises and therapies to help manage your pain and control the situation.

For problems that are beyond help through the above techniques and are severe enough to require surgery. It is the only option in traditional treatments. It is a complicated procedure and can be done after a doctor or physician’s suggestion. It’s done when the injury is diagnosed to be beyond repair through medications or exercises.

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