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 Best anti-aging treatments that can make you look younger

Aging is natural. Yet finding the anti-aging treatment and remedies is human instinct. Here you are going to learn about the best anti-aging treatment and guess what it is non-surgical. Yes, yet again medical breakthrough has blessed you with an excellent anti-aging treatment for sagging skin, wrinkles, dull skin, and dark circles.

When the anti-aging treatment term is used, the mind thinks just going under the knife, jolted by some advertising campaigns of famous brands to buy some miracle cream or gel to reverse the aging process. All the treatments and creams available, be it an anti-aging cream or some cosmetic surgery, usually address the skin surface issues. In reality, your skin is the reflection of your inner health.

Your skin explained

The skin consists of an outer layer epidermis. The epidermis consists of layers of four different kinds of skin cells

  • Keratinocytes cells
  • Melanocytes cells
  • Merkel cells
  • Langerhans cells

A thin layer under the epidermis is the basement membrane that separates the epidermis from the lower layer of the skin, called the dermis. The dermis is made up of proteins, like collagen and elastin that support the skin and make it reliable and flexible. Under the dermis is the hypodermis, it is primarily made of fat for insulation and support of the upper layers.

What is happening to your skin?

Your skin changes are related to environmental factors, genetic makeup, aging, and nutrition. Your skin is an ever-changing organ that needs to rejuvenate and repair itself every day. As you start biological aging, your skin loses its natural oils and elasticity. The cells beneath your skin tend to get damaged, and some of them even die. As a response of cell-damaging, your skin tends to show

  • Wrinkles
  • Inelasticity
  • Dark circles
  • Dullness
  • Sagging Skin

Stem cell therapy as an anti-aging treatment

Stem cells can repair, divide, and grow. They have the self-renewal capability and the amazing ability to develop into different types of organs. Stem cells are considered to be the primary source that provides cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissues and organs. With the biological aging process, grows the need for regenerative medication for the skin. With the advancement in research, the world is fortunate enough to access the stem cell therapy.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is known as a rejuvenating treatment with your blood. PRP uses the healing power of platelets that help growth in your blood to stimulate the response of stem cells. These stem cells can assist in creating new collagen and blood vessels, regeneration and improvement of damaged skin and can reverse the aging process.

Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment

Stem cell therapy has proved to be the future of anti-aging treatment. The procedure is unique because it uses the patient’s cells for the treatment. The new stem cells stock up in the skin and repair and rejuvenate the skin. The skin is where the most obvious effects can be seen.

Stem cell treatment, unlike conventional anti-aging procedures, is non-surgical. Where the general cosmetic surgeries and procedures involve a lot of risks and care, the stem cell treatment being close to nature is long-lasting and cost-effective. 

The stem cell treatment for skin has gain popularity in the west and developed countries long ago. The development of stem cell harvesting, processing, and transplantation techniques has opened new horizons for clinical research. Lately, stem cells are being used in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle filling along with dark circles and dullness.

In Pakistan, cosmetic procedures for anti-aging have been famous in celebrities and general people both in recent times. Laser treatments and plastic surgeries are now a common thing that involves disturbing the natural process. Stem cell therapy has the potential to heal and repair damaged skin cells naturally. The procedure is quite simple, which shows recovery symptoms long before than traditional surgical methods.

Results of Anti-aging 

Stem cell treatment for age reversal is one of the most advanced and natural procedure for humans. It not only repairs and rejuvenates the skin but also helps in building new cells for the skin. Many of the people who have gone through the stem cell treatment have reported

  • Youthful appearance
  • Improvement in sagging skin
  • Even-toned Skin
  • Wrinkle-free appearance

Moreover, when you feel good about your outer self, you feel a boost in your confidence and youthfulness.

Shifa rejuvenation clinic for anti-aging treatment 

Shifa Rejuvenation is the only institute in Pakistan that provides PRP injections. These injections are verified by Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) to provide quality treatment to patients for anti-aging. The team of dermatologists and foreign qualified skin treatment experts are committed to providing the treatment that is safe as well as improves skin longevity.

For skin repair and regeneration treatment and evaluation, you better contact our expert team at (051) 835-7790 or send an email at [email protected].


    Best medical decision I ever made! The stem cell procedure is quick, easy and has no recovery down time! Great alternative to surgery if that is an option.



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