A few centuries ago, when medical science was not mature enough as it is today, the death rate was quite high and people used to depend upon home remedies and traditional practices to cure the disease. There was no proper medical technology to diagnose and cure a specific disease. Besides all other deadly diseases, kidney failure has also been one of the major causes of death of millions in the early 19th century. With the invention of the “UltraSond Machine”, the identification of kidney failure has been very successful. It also helped the doctors and medical researchers to take the necessary steps to handle this disease. Moving from history, nowadays it has become very easy to detect and cure this disease as early as possible using the latest and advanced tools and methods.

Before switching to the causes and symptoms, we must first focus on the meaning of kidney failure. Kidneys are an integral part of the respiratory and urinary tract of the human body. Once there is any kind of irritation or blockage in the supply of blood or oxygen, then there would be a possible risk of kidney failure. There is a long list of kidney failure symptoms but there are a few notable symptoms that are addressed below: 

  • Breath Shortness

The patient has a problem in the kidney faces severe problems in respiration. The patient is unable to breathe properly like a healthy person. 

  • Fatigue 

The patient very often suffers from fatigue. He/she is expected to have severe pain in the body. Kidney failure can cause tiredness in the body which further results in unbearable pain.

  • Confusion

The patient with kidney failure looks confused and perplexed. He/she is unable to hold and get along with its senses properly. 

  • Nausea 

Nausea is another major symptom of kidney failure. The situation can lead to severe headaches and intense nausea. If not consulted with the doctor immediately, it can convert to trauma which could have immense side effects on the body.  

  • Weakness

The patient feels immense weakness. Not able to control its body. The patient requires support and care to move. 

  • Irregular Heartbeat

The heartbeat of the patient faces fluctuations. It suddenly rises and drops in very short intervals. The kidney is unable to receive the proper amount of blood from the major arteries. It can result in an abnormal heartbeat.

Moving away from the symptoms, there are a few crucial causes of kidney failure which must be kept in mind while treating the patients of kidney failure. The human internal system is linked with each other in a complex network of veins and arteries. Through these fragile and delicate pipelines, the oxygen circulates in the whole body in the form of blood. Any distortion or blockage in this circulation that is linked with kidneys would ultimately result in kidney failure. 

  • Stones in the Kidneys

The flow of the blood could be choked if there is any kind of foreign particle inside the kidneys. Kidney stones are a very famous cause of kidney failure. 

  • High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure could also result in kidney failure. When the vessels of the kidney encounter a strong rapid inflow of blood then there are obvious chances of kidney failure. 

  • Low Blood Pressure

Kidney failure can also happen as the result of low blood pressure. When the kidneys do not receive the required amount of blood in their blood chambers then they swell up in order to suck more blood to fulfill their need. 


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