Neurological disorders are the major causes of mental illness. They can occur due to structural or some metabolic malfunctioning in the brain. This can happen in other parts like the spine and the nerves that are joined to each other. Some of the major examples of neurological disorder contain;

  • Muscle weakness
  • Reduced sensation
  • Improper movement of limbs
  • Seizures
  • Paralysis attacks
  • Injury pain
  • Unconsciousness


These disorders are causing high rates globally. In some cases, they are uncontrollable. Several medical pieces of research are being conducted to overcome the side effects. 

Remember, these neurological disorders may vary from person to person. Each person shows a different mode of action towards a disease. 

Major Neurological Disorders:

The type and the severity of neurological disorder totally rely upon the affected area of the body. This area might be from the brain. As the brain performs all motor and sensory functions. 

Some of the most common neurological disorders are;

  1. Physical disability
  2. Autism 
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Severe Migraines
  5. Seizures
  6. Paralytic attacks
  7. Accidental brain injuries
  8. Parkinson 
  9. Alzheimer
  10. Autoimmune disorders
  11. Multiple sclerosis
  12. Stroke


What symptoms do you have to face due to Neurological Disorders?

When a disease or a disorder occurs, it hits the patient emotionally as well. Besides the physical symptoms, these emotional symptoms can turn patients down. These emotional symptoms may experience mood switches and sudden emotional breakdown. The patients may also suffer from depression and anxiety. 

Among these emotional breakdowns, major physical symptoms include;

  • Improper mobility
  • Numbness
  • Less response towards the pain or sudden circumstances
  • Muscle weakness
  • Mild-severe paralysis
  • Swing in behaviors
  • Reduction in alertness for any emergency case
  • Blurry vision

Traditional Treatment-Call the Doctor:

When healthcare workers are unable to categorize the disorder in any visual display, they call it a functional disorder. Functional disorders do not contain any specific way to treat. but somehow, doctors try to treat them. 

Patients don’t like the term “functional”. Because according to them it seems like their bodies are unable to proceed accurately. 

Concerning neurological disorders, doctors are unable to find a definite cause. Many medications are available in the market to treat these disorders. But they are being provided to the patients just to cope up with the symptoms. These medications can re-run your life activities. 

In general, doctors do not recommend any medicine to cure neurological disorders. They ask you to take proper pain and behavior management therapies. But the proper cure isn’t available till the date. 

Can Stem Cells reverse nerve damage?

Nerve injury can occur suddenly due to the loss of any function of the brain. Nerve damage is a serious concern to notice. It can not be treated properly. To return the axonal loss is difficult. That’s the main reason doctors try to lower down the symptoms scale. They prescribe certain antidepressants, pain relievers, or other anti-seizure medications. 

To cure neurological disorders by using traditional ways is odd in the current era. They can give rise to certain other complications. Because each medicine holds some side effects. 

Stem cells are playing as a power play in the regeneration of such tissues and nerves. They can transform into any type of brain, muscle, heart, or lung cells. They are known as an exciting therapeutic target to cure neurological disorders. 

They perform major functions like;

  • Rejuvenation of damaged cells
  • Repairing of damaged nerves
  • Increase neural functionalities

Many scientists believe that using stem cells, they can treat the following disorders;

  • ALS
  • Paralysis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson
  • Multiple sclerosis

After getting this therapy, doctors ask patients to visit at least once. This can help in;

  • Behavioral management 
  • Communication 
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Self-monitoring
  • Physical and chemical regulation of nerves
  • Increases mobility
  • Less inflammation

Stem cells can provide patients cutting-edge results. 

What are the problems with Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is a new thing for your body. You will be recovering in a few weeks and months. You can feel fatigued, numb, or weak. These certain side effects can come up with flu, nausea, less sense of taste, smell, and many others.

Be patient !! It is normal. Your body is building the immune system at a new route. And it takes time, but the results are promising. 

Shifa Rejuvenation Clinic:

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