Regenerative medicines such as the stem cell treatments are the future of medical technology. The affected areas of the body where at least a surgery is required to resolve or treat the issue, stem cell treatments jump in to make the work a lot easier and more efficient.

Since the stem cell technology is relatively new in the field, most people don’t have an idea of how these things work and what can they do for you. In this informational article, we’ll be talking about some basics of the stem cells that everyone should know.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are reproductive human cells which have the ability to repair, regenerate and restore dead cells in a human body. They can also transform themselves in to any type of cell from the muscle cells to the brain cells. Stem cells are also used to repair damaged tissues.

Where do they come from?

There are different types of stem cells based on where they are extracted from. Some of them are Umbilical cord stem cells, Embryonic stem cells, Amniotic stem cells, Plant stem cells and Fat stem cells. 

The Umbilical cord stem cells are the most trusted kind of stem cells. They are donated by mothers and are extracted from the umbilical cords after they give birth to a child.

Plant stem cells are mostly used in skin regeneration and rejuvenation and extracted from plants through a complicated process discovered by the NASA in space.

How do they work?

Stem cells are extracted from the body of the donors and are processed and stored in a very low temperature. For the process or recovering cells, they are injected into the human bodies in the affected areas. When stem cells are injected into a certain affected area of your body, they start their work right away. These stem cells have the ability to locate the dead cells and repair or restore them.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

The researchers collect and grow the stem cells in their laboratories and manipulate them to behave in a specific way. These cells are instructed to act like different organs of the human body and are used to enhance the restoring capabilities of the certain tissues. 

These cells which are specialized into specific type of body cells are then injected into the human body in the affected area and they work to restore the dead tissues and cells in that area. They can be specialized into behaving like any type of cell ranging from skin cells to heart like cells. 

What problems do they solve?

Stem cell therapies and treatments are used to treat almost every affected part of the human body. One of the most common issues that is widely being resolved using the stem cell therapies is arthritis. Since surgeries are a complex and painful procedure, they stem cell therapies are used instead of surgeries and provide the same results.

Some of the other diseases which are being treated using the stem cells are Auto-Immune diseases, cartilage defect, COPD, diabetes, kidney failure, erectile dysfunction, sciatica, stroke and different skin issues.

What are plant stem cells and how do they treat skin?

Plant stem cells are another type of stem cells that are present in the meristems of the plants and serve as the origin of the plant vitality. These stem cells have strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects and are used to protect the skin from sun damage or wrinkles. 

The plant stem cells started being used in the skin care products after NASA conducted a research in the space and extracted these cells from the plant in a certain gravitational pull and thus making it possible to use these cells to rejuvenate the skin. 

After that, many big companies started extracting and using these cells in their skincare products and positive results were achieved. 

One of these products is Regenere3D. It is a skincare product that is made using plant stem cells and is now being used around the world because of its positive outcomes. 

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