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Erectile Dysfunction

Can you expect that a problem that you leave unnoticed, ignore, and don’t discuss with anyone taking it as a taboo could ruin your entire life?  Yes! Erectile Dysfunction is one such taboo or medical condition that can desolate everything in your life. Though, you may or may not have heard that the conventional treatment methods available for erectile dysfunction aren’t actually the proper and accurate solution to this problem. But, you don’t need to be panic or worried anymore.

Proper and accurate treatment for erectile dysfunction with no side-effects, harms, or risks is here known as the Stem Cell Procedure or Stem Cell Therapy. Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is providing this revolutionary and ground-breaking technological treatment in Pakistan. The treatment is purely and completely organic with astoundingly promising results.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the difficulty or inability to obtain or maintain an erection suitable for successful sexual intercourse. In case if you have erection problems from time to time, it doesn’t mean to have an ED. But, having constant trouble or impaired intercourse due to a flaccid penis clearly indicates having ED.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Some major symptoms that indicate having an Erectile Dysfunction are as follows:

  • Problems in achieving an erection
  • Failing to Maintain the erection
  • Significantly lesser craving for sex
  • Problems in Ejaculation such as retarded or premature ejaculation

Understanding how Erectile Dysfunction occurs

A normal Erection or arousal is a state where nerves surrounding the penis become active and muscles around the arteries then relax and more blood flows into the penis. This additional blood makes the penis stiff and hard or erect. This erection tightens the veins so the blood can’t leave the penis, enabling the penis to remain erect until the intercourse is complete or orgasm happens. This is called a normal or natural erection. 

The dysfunction or malfunction in normal erection happens when due to several reasons a required amount of blood doesn’t flow and reach the penis. As a consequence, the penis cannot get stiff or hard enough to perform proper sexual intercourse. This state of the penis getting and remaining flaccid is called the Erectile Dysfunction.

Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is extremely challenging because it is multifactorial and sometimes we cannot even really find the true cause. However, the major symptoms can tell if a person is having an ED or not. Also, the presence of major factors and causes contributing to erectile dysfunction indicates that a person may be suffering from ED but taking it as a taboo no one speaks about it.

Some common tests that the physicians usually perform to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction are:

  • Physical Exam
  • Blood Tests
  • Ultrasound
  • Overnight erection test
  • A questionnaire with/without a partner

Major Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Although, erectile dysfunction is directly linked with a person’s mental state, psychological condition, and physical health, etc. However, there are more causes and reasons as well that result in having erectile dysfunction. These causes are:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • High Cholesterol
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Overweight
  • Psychological Problems such as relationship problems, performance anxiety, stress, depression, psychiatric disorder, etc.
  • Neurologic Problems such as Parkinson Disease, Stroke, and Dementia
  • Vasculogenic Problems such as Arterial Insufficiency or poor blood flow to the penis, and Venous Leak, etc.
  • Drug associated issues such as blood pressure medication including Diuretics, Beta Blockers, and  Antidepressants/Antipsychotics/Anxiety Medication including TCA, MAO-I, and Lithium.
  • Low Testosterone and Medications that block or reduce testosterone such as Leuprolide, Finasteride, Spironolactone.
  • Alcohol
  • Traumatic ED caused by Pelvic fracture or penile fracture, Pelvic radiation, Priapism, Spinal Cord Injury, and Neuropathy from bicycle riding, etc.
  • Surgery Associated Problems such as Radical Prostatectomy, Aorto-iliac vascular surgery, and Proctocolectomy
  • Endocrine Issues such as Hypogonadism (low T), Thyroid Disorder, and Hyperprolactinemia
  • Watching Porn Videos

Complications due to Erectile Dysfunction

A majority of the men take it as a social taboo and do not discuss it with or reveal before anyone if they are having an ED. Leaving ED unnoticed and untreated ruins a person’s normal life. It results in an unsatisfactory life where the patient undergoes low self-esteem by remaining disappointed. Feeling ashamed and embarrassed in fear of losing a marital relationship is another major complication. Also, an ED patient cannot make his wife pregnant because he cannot perform proper intercourse. Such a patient is ultimately left with depression, self-exile, nervousness, anxiety, and hopelessness.

But, the revolutionary and innovative technology of regenerative medicine has turned the tables in medical history. Now, the patients of Erectile Dysfunction don’t need to be disappointed and hopeless at all. The Stem Cells’ regenerative characteristics are powerful and efficient enough to make possible the normal and required blood flow to the penis making it stiff and hard again to be erected. The Stem Cell Rejuvenation Procedure for treating erectile dysfunction is now available in Pakistan at Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic.

Common Treatments and Their Side-Effects

Though, you can easily find the usual treatments for erectile dysfunction. But, none of them can actually treat the disease. These common treatments can only provide some alternative methods and timely relief working as a feigned or superficial solution, but they do not make any difference in treating the ED. Besides they carry numerous side-effects that can further complicate the situation as well. Below some usual treatment methods with their side effects are explained.

A. Oral Medications such as PDE-5 Inhibitors 

These medications include Sildenafil (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra), Tadalafil (Cialis). These all need sexual stimulation to work. Their effects last a maximum of up to 4 hours. Side effects of oral medications include Headache, Facial Flushing, Stuffy Nose, and Upset Stomach, Etc. 

B. Vacuum Erection Device 

This treatment uses a Hollow Tube that is either a hand-powered or battery-powered pump. It sucks the air out of the tube. Then, the vacuum pulls blood into the penis. Side effects of ED vacuum pump include trapped semen, bruising, small red-dots inside the skin of the penis due to bleeding, bluish skin, numbness, coldness, and possible risk of getting more physical complications depending on medical health situations. 

C. Intraurethral Suppository 

This treatment comprises Alprostadil (MUSE) and Special Applicator.  In this method, the physician inserts a suppository about 2 inches down into the penis tip. Its side effects include pain, minor bleeding in urethra, dizziness, and the formation of fibrous tissue inside the penis, etc.

D. Surgical Treatment

Penile Implant is the surgical treatment for ED. It is a method of surgically placing devices into 2 sides of the penis that are inflatable or semi rigid rods made from silicone or polyurethane. They also do not treat the penis blood carrying veins. Instead, the inflatable rods work in place of the penis from inside after they are placed in the penis through surgery. This method’s side effects include pain, mechanical malfunction, auto inflation, and possible infections, etc.

How Stem Cell Therapy can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Regenerative Medicine or Stem Cell Therapy is the only proper treatment for erectile dysfunction because unlike other usual treatments it doesn’t provide only superficial alternatives. Stem Cell Injections properly treats erectile dysfunction using the regenerative and self-renewal attributes of the stem cells. Amniotic Fluid Derived Stem Cells or simply Amniotic Stem Cells are extracted from the patient’s own blood. Then they are centrifuged and injected back into the patient’s body. They start repairing any damage or loss in the arteries where the blood flow is stopped. They treat the disease organically and make the arteries enabled to carry blood to the penis. When blood starts reaching the penis, it gets back its natural capability of achieving stiffness to become erect.

Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic is Pakistan’s first regenerative medicine hospital that has brought stem cell technology here in collaboration with Dr. David Lawrence Greene. Dr. David is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and CEO of the R3 Stem Cell Clinics, the USA. He has performed above 11,000 successful Stem Cell Procedures. The procedure is approved and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States, as well as Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP). For more information, consultation, and appointment, you may contact (051) 889-6711  or send an email at [email protected].

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