Getting injured during sports is a common thing. No matter which sport you watch or play. Be it football or cricket. You have been injured or have seen someone getting hurt during the play. Sometimes we see our favorite athletes going out of matches for weeks or even months due to an injury they get while playing. So, we know that it is something common. And it needs treatment nonetheless. Because the sooner an injury gets treated, the sooner we get back to playing. But there are many different types of injuries one can get while playing sports. And we’ll be discussing the 5 most common of them in our article today.

What are the 5 Most Common Sports Injuries?

Injuries are a part of a sportsperson’s life. No matter how fit they are, they might get injured during a match or practice. And it can be any type of injury. The 5 most common types of injuries that sports persons mostly go through are;


Sprains or Strains

Sprains or Strains are the most common sports injuries. As they can occur to athletes from any sports activity. In a sprain, a ligament is stretched way too much and causes a tear. And in a strain, injury occurs when a muscle is pulled. Any sudden movements while jumping or running or during a reflex can cause these types of injuries. The most common types of these are ankle sprains and hamstring sprains. And these injuries can both be mild and severe. So, they might require serious treatment after first aid is provided on the spot. Over-the-counter painkillers and nerve-numbing sprays can be used to manage and control the pain. But further treatment might also be required.


Tennis or Golfers Elbow

As the name suggests, this injury is common in athletes playing sports such as Tennis, Golf, or Badminton. Sports activities mostly involve arms. In tennis players, the injury is caused due to repeated backhand strokes. Which causes the tendons in your elbows to degenerate. Whereas in Golf the injury is caused due to inflammation in the epicondyle of your elbow. It mostly affects athletes above 30 years of age. And is usually treated with rest. Applying ice or using anti-inflammatory medicines can also help manage the condition. Whereas more severe cases might require further treatment.



Fractures are common. It means a broken or injured bone. It is a common injury in sports as well as in non-sports people. But for athletes, it is more common if they are involved in sports that are more physical. For example, football, American football (rugby), wrestling, boxing, or other physically aggressive sports. There are two types of fractures, acute and stress fractures. Acute fractures are the regular fractures we know of, they happen due to a physical blow or an event. Whereas stress fractures are those that happen gradually. When we repeatedly put stress on a certain bone for a long time. Both of these are serious injuries and require immediate medical care and treatment. Painkillers or numbing sprays can be used to manage the pain for a time, but treatment is mostly the only option for treating such injuries.



Dislocation means losing location or being located somewhere else than normal. It happens when bones are dislocated from a joint and are pushed out of their normal place or as we know it, sockets. It mostly affects hands and fingers, but other joints and bones are not immune to it. So, it can actually happen to any bone in any part of the body. Depending upon where the hit or blow was taken. The reason that basically causes a dislocation. Dislocations are serious and can be very painful. And they require immediate medical attention and treatment. So, whenever it happens, the first thing we should be looking for is to get it treated as soon and best as possible.


Shin Splints

A common sports injury, mostly affecting sports persons who are involved in sports that require running. Especially if the running is done on hard and concrete surfaces. It can be a painful injury and requires medications and pain management to control the pain. Shin splints usually heal on their own, but in cases that they don’t and the pain is severe. Serious treatment might be required. So, it’s better to get a shin splint checked to be sure whether treatment might be required.


How do you Manage Common Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries are common and can happen to any athlete playing any type of sport. And to manage them, there are ways to develop and types of things opted. The most used things to manage common sports injuries and the pain they can cause are;


  • Over-the-counter painkillers. (Such as Ibuprofen, paracetamol etc.)
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines. (NSAIDs)
  • Nerve Numbing Sprays.
  • Physical Therapies.
  • Exercises.
  • Rest.


What are 5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries?

As important it is to manage injuries. The more it is to prevent them. And there are actually some preventive measures we can take to avoid injuries from happening in the first place. The top 5 ways to avoid getting an injury are;

  • Maintaining Body Health

The first and the most important thing for people who regularly play sports is maintaining their body health. If you watch football, you’ll know that Cristiano Ronaldo is an athlete that very rarely gets injured. And he is the top scorer in football at this very moment. And has won a lot. And he also plays aggressively and due to the number of goals he scores, are mostly attacked by the opponent more aggressively than others. So, what is it that still keeps him healthy? It’s his body. The way he treats his body and the way he committed to keeping a healthy body. This is very important and everyone should do it. Whether they play sports or not, being physically fit is important.

  • Maintaining a Healthy Diet and Routine

Keeping your body fit requires a number of things. And one of the most important of those things is maintaining a healthy diet and routine. Eating things that are protein-rich and avoiding fatty foods. Keeping yourself away from carbonated drinks and sugar. Maintaining a healthy routine, doing morning walks, and getting morning oxygen. All of these add up to a healthy body and a mentally, and physically fit person.

  • Exercising and Meditating

As important as it is to eat well and keep a healthy routine, the same is regular exercising and meditation. This is something that makes your body physically fit and almost immune to injuries. When you wake up early in the morning and meditate, it throws away the stress. Both physical and mental. And when you exercise every day, it maintains your body fitness and lowers fat levels. These things are especially important for people involved in sports. So that they can prevent getting injured due to simple physical accidents.

  • Getting Enough Rest

Another and one of the most important things to maintain body health is to get enough rest. Our body gets tired, and it needs enough rest to function properly. If the rest is not provided and we exhaust our body way too much, it can be vulnerable to many problems. And we can easily damage our bodies. So, rest enough and maintain your physical and mental health. Because it is very important.

  • Using Proper Techniques

One thing that causes most people to get injured is that they don’t follow the proper techniques while playing sports. That is why coaches are important even for the most established sports persons. Because they add technique to our skills. Which is very important for our way of becoming the best and staying healthy and physically fit. So, if you are involved in a sport, it is important that you use the right techniques. So you don’t get yourself injured doing uncalled-for mistakes.


Treatment of Sports Injury

The RICE method is one of the most common treatment options for most sports injuries. It goes;


Rest: Having a good amount of rest after sustaining an injury to help the injury self-treat itself and ease the pain and symptoms.


Ice: Applying ice on swollen up and inflamed body parts after an injury can help manage the injury. And ease the pain.


Compression: Using compression on the injured spot to help manage inflammation, pain, and swelling.


Elevation: Elevating the injured part such as your leg regulates the blood flow to the part and helps the self-treating process.


The RICE method is used for mild injuries in the first 36 hours and most of them get better. However, if an injury is still bad and hurting after applying the method. It might be something serious. And in that case, physical therapy or even surgical treatment might be required to manage the condition.


Stem Cell Therapy for treating Sports Injuries

Stem cells are the latest advancement in the field of medical technology. These are regenerative cells with the ability to repair or replace almost any cell inside a body. These cells are entered inside an injured body part in a non-invasive way. And upon entering, they start looking for dead cells and tissues inside the body. Once the problematic cells and tissues are located, these stem cells start repairing them. And replace those which are beyond repair. Stem cell therapy can also be used for treating severe sports injuries. It is way better than most traditional surgical treatments available. These treatments manage the situation better and are way less complicated. Requiring no wear and tear on the body. Stem cell therapy is the most beneficial to athletes as there is very low to almost no recovery time after therapy is performed. And people can get back to their healthy lives way sooner than when a complicated surgery is performed.


So, if you are having a severe sports injury and no other treatment seems to work. If getting surgery is your only remaining option, give stem cell therapy a thought. It might be the answer to your problem and a way better solution.


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